• 28 May 2016 at Talkatora Stadium

  • 32 Artistsfrom 20 Countries

  • Experience the Bhakti Culture

Celebrate the Bhakti Culture

28 May 2016 | Free Entry

The Festival of Inspiration is an international cultural event organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, to celebrate the timeless teachings of India – service, compassion and devotion to God – which were exemplified and broadcasted by 15th Century Avatar and Saint, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Festival of Inspiration would offer people the rich experience of the Bhakti tradition to inspire them on the path of devotion.

The 3,200 strong audiences at the stadium and thousands of others who would be watching the event over television and internet would be treated to national and international devotional artists who traveled all the way from Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Germany, Mauritius to present a wide range of performances include Sacred Music, Drama Plays, Dances.

The other unique aspect of the festival would be the opportunity to hear from teachers of Bhakti Yoga such as HH Gopal Krishna Goswami, HH Loknath Swami who have been traveling around the world for last 40 years sharing the wisdom of Bhakti with the people. Also don’t miss the keynote speeches by some of the most distinguished members of the society.


To help facilitate your visit, we request you to please be seated by 5.15 PM

5:30 PM – Welcome & Introduction
5.35 PM – Invocation by the students of Bhaktivedanta Academy, Mayapur (West Bengal)

5.40 PM – Presentation on Lord Sri Chaitanya

5.55 PM – Screening of the ‘Joy of Devotion’ Movie

6.15 PM – Cultural Performances by National and International artists

7.25 PM – Launch of the Magazine

7.30 PM – Speeches by the Dignitaries

8.25 PM – Concluding Address by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami
Chairman – ISKCON Bureau and Trustee – Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

8.30 PM – Dinner

Reaching Here

Entry GatesYou are requested to enter the Talkatora Stadium through Gate Number 3 (unless you are a holder of Red Card or Blue Card). Gate Number 3  can be accessed through the Talkatora Road on the Shankar Road-Park Street roundabout.

  • RED Card holders are requested to use Gate Number 9 (located on Park Lane). Vehicles using Gate Number 9 would need to have the ‘Car Pass‘ pasted on the car windshield.
  • BLUE Card holders are requested to use Gate Number 7 (located on Park Lane).

Talkatora Indoor Stadium is located close to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. The closest metro station is “Shivaji Stadium


Yes, the entry is free.
You need to enter the stadium through Gate Number 3, unless you are holding a Red Card or a Blue Card. Red Card holders need to use Gate Number 9 and Blue Card holders need to use Gate Number 7. Kindly click on the ‘Entry Gates’ link on the menu for more information.
As many as you like. Its a festival. The more the better.
The program starts at 5.30 pm and you are requested to kindly be seated by 5.15 pm to help us being on time.
Yes, car parking facility is available. Kindly see the above to find out the correct gate to enter the stadium.
Yes, the sumptuous dinner feast would start at 8.30 pm.


You could contact us using the form below or call on (011) 2623 5134.

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